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Fringe -The Plank, Step, Animal, Lambs in Winter Chairs - A Slight Ache 21 Days - A Madhouse Dramedy- 2 for Tea The Randolph Theatre

2013 Toronto Fringe Festival
Fringe Festival Reviews by Mel
2 for Tea The Randolph Theatre

2012 Toronto Fringe Festival
Fringe Festival Reviews by Nikoleta Curcin
Chairs - A Slight Ache

Fringe Festival Reviews by Jen Allard
21 Days - A Madhouse Dramedy

Tarragon - A Brimful of Asha

The Trojan Women

This winter’s night, Alumnae Theatre Company is ready to take you on a journey to ancient Greece through the company ‘s remarkable “Countdown to 100” play - The Trojan Women. Adapted from Euripides’ classical Greek tragedy and translated by Canadian poet Gwendolyn MacEwen, the play was directed by Alexandra Seay, and performed by returning alumnae performer Molly Thom, professional actor Nicole St. Martin, Tara Zacharias, Suzette McCanny, et al. The synergy of top talents, profound content, quality stage effects, authentic costumes, and well-applied theatrical techniques rendered The Trojan Women to be

“Come Fly Away” Musical Review
By: Cynthia Yan

Some people, although dead, still lives in the heart of their supporters. Frank Sinatra is such a person, whose songs shall always echo in the memory of his audiences, whose spirit shall always live in the heart of his fans. Today, in commemoration of Frank Sinatra the legendary vocalist who passed away two decades ago, the Frank Sinatra Family and Frank Sinatra Enterprises devoted substantial effort to recreate the Sinatra ambience by launching the musical “Come Fly Away”. More

Bharati Musical

Fringe Festival Reviews by Melissa Peters

The Plank

Femmes du Feu, the company behind the production, ‘The Plank’, is an aerial dance and fire performance company based here in Toronto. ‘The Plank’, which was awarded Patron’s Pick, brings to the stage the legend and lore of women on the high seas, as they rig the sails, struggling to meet the challenges of Mother Nature, flared tempers, and brutal hangovers. The 45 minute show was a little long for my 5-year-old daughter, Logan, who was born into a world of 3D, flashing lights, and endless stimulation, but, even without pyrotechnics, the vocal conflict between the two performers, and their acrobatics ---more

Dance Animal

Dance Animal won the Just for Laughs “Best Comedy” Prize at the 2009 Montreal Fringe, “Best Original Creation” at Cirque du Soleil, and had been enjoying record-breaking ticket sales, so we made sure to reserve a couple of spots at the George Ignatieff Theatre for the Sunday afternoon showing. I have to admit I was a little sceptical going in -- more


“Modern belly dance is an eclectic and evolving dance form that includes a multitude of influences. Traditional Belly Dance, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical and other forms can be included in its stylistic vocabulary. Each group and even each dancer is a unique expression of the style.” -- more

Lambs in Winter

The NXNE online schedule claimed that everyone in the baby boom generation and their first-born offspring would want to see this play, so as the eldest daughter of two hippies, I thought I should see “Lambs in Winter”. This small dramatic comedy is an in-depth look of the relationship between three life-long friends as they deal with love, loyalty, greed and truth (or lack thereof). -- more

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Toronto theater reviews new broadway plays theatre guide toronto ontario canada

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