Truth or Dare Play Toronto

Lindsay Mullan and Jamie Northan brought their improve show “Truth or Dare” to Toronto. Having performed at once very popular Bad Dog Theatre on Oct. 1 and Oct. 3, Mullan and Northan did the easiest (one might think) thing there is. They played a well-known game live on stage, engaging the audience in the show from time to time. Both actors usually do their “homework” preparing questions for future game. However, those questions remain secret to the partner up until they are both on stage and there is no turning back. This is how they end up telling personal stories about sex and dating, eating whatever the spectators have in their pockets and sometimes even getting naked in front of the crowd. This might sound like a piece of cake, especially if you perform for a relatively small audience, which was the case at the Bad Dog with only around 30 spectators. However, Mullan and Northan, both originally from Calgary, traveled with their show across Canada and “played” in front of several hundred people.

After the show both actors stayed for a couple drinks and talked to spectators. As it turned out, many of them have seen the show before, either in Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver. This is a perfect illustration of the beauty of improv shows in general and “Truth or Dare” in particular. It never gets boring and even if you go every day you can still laugh your head off.

By Aliona Kuts