Art Of Building A Bunker- Factory Theatre Toronto

Art Of Building A Bunker- Factory Theatre Toronto

The Art Of Building A Bunker was an unexpected shocking pleasure, to say the least.

Guillermo and Adam teamed together to pen the 1.5 hour theatrical performance based on our subconscious prejudice against other cultures. The thoughts that we’re afraid to say out loud are portrayed by Adam effortlessly as he depicts the life and times of himself, alongside seven other characters. 

The solo performance of these characters conveyed through Adam’s artistic portrayal was everything that I didn’t expect from a traditional theatrical standpoint. Adam’s talent was equally as apparent and full of a captivatingly flawless edge. The overall bold humor and shock value was an absolute understatement, further instilling our inner inferiority against other races. This piece was all about the way society thinks and feels but without the harsh wrath of social appropriatism

The Art Of Building A Bunker was presented by Factory Theatre. The newly renovated theatre now holds a refreshingly contemporary spin on the 145 year old  heritage building, housing a new age vibe of creativity and inspiration.

Reviewed by Tara Haggar
Bloor News


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